The Story of the Holy Land

The Story of the Holy Land

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A Visual History

With full colour aerial photographs and informative easy to read text, this lavishly illustrated guide leads you through the story of the Holy Land, from Bible times to the present day.

Giving you a depth of historical, cultural and geographic knowledge that many lack in their attempts to understand the region and its peoples, past and present, this coffee-table quality reference book will enlighten and entertain.

Peter Walker’s book helps you get behind the headlines of the news and the timeless themes of the Bible right across this beautiful, spiritual, yet deeply troubled land. From the arid Sinai desert to the lush Jordan and Euphrates, from the ancient streets of Jerusalem to modern cityscape of Tel Aviv, pictures and words combine to provide the insight and understanding essential to connecting God’s Word with his Holy Land.

The book divides Holy Land story into the key historical eras including The Patriarchs, The Romans and Byzantines and the British Mandate; all with historically significant photographs of events, people and artefacts.

Deserving of a place in any living room, study or library the book explores not only the Old and New Testament history but all that happened through the Muslim conquest, the crusades, and the modern rediscovery of Bible sites. Unearthing the rich layers of history in this sacred place, The Story of The Holy Land sits perfectly alongside Lion’s Concise Atlas of Bible History to provide you with a comprehensive and engaging resource to underpin and add colour to your Bible study or Bible teaching preparation.