In the Steps of Jesus Virtual Travel Experience
In the Steps of Jesus Virtual Travel Experience
In the Steps of Jesus Virtual Travel Experience

In the Steps of Jesus Virtual Travel Experience

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Tour the Holy Land and see where Jesus walked

Explore the land of the Bible and discover for yourself the authentic Jesus of history with this virtual tour.

Your purchase includes:

  • A Film Series of fifteen 20-minute films downloaded directly to your device and available for online viewing
  • A Personal Travel Journal suitable for digital use or personal printing
  • A Digital Guide to help you get the most out of your Virtual Travel Experience

Film Series

Filmed on location in the Holy Land, these fifteen films will help you catch the brilliance of Jesus in his historical context. You’ll join Dr Peter Walker on a tour of the most significant locations in Jesus’ life and ministry: from Bethlehem to Galilee, Nazareth to Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives to Golgotha. With Dr Walker as your expert personal guide, you’ll gain understanding and insights that will enrich your personal walk with and conversation about Jesus Christ.

Personal Travel Journal

With each journal entry corresponding to a chapter from the Film Series, this Travel Journal is the perfect accompaniment to the films. As well as space for notes, the Journal includes perspectives and questions brought by fellow travellers (see below) which we pray will help you to dive deeper in your reflections, allowing the risen Jesus to teach you more about himself. Some of the people piloting this material have also found it helpful for discussions in small groups.

Dr Peter Walker

The Revd Dr Peter Walker is widely acknowledged as one of the foremost experts on the Holy Land. His book, In the Steps of Jesus (Lion Hudson: Oxford, 2006; second ed, 2022) has come to be recognised as the authoritative guide for Christian visitors.

He is here acting as your personal guide, distilling a lifetime of study and travel-guiding into the six hours of your virtual tour.

“I’ve been leading study tours to the Holy Land and the Middle East since 1984. I’d love you to join me, so that together we can sense the Bible’s history ‘under our feet’ and prayerfully learn what it means to walk in the steps of Jesus today.”  Revd Dr Peter Walker.

The places you will visit

Each chapter is focused around a specific, significant location in the life and ministry of Jesus. These have been written by a group of men and women in conversation with Peter, each bringing their own unique perspectives:

  • One: Bethlehem Part I (Sam Durrant)
  • Two: Bethlehem Part II (Jo Trickey)
  • Three: Nazareth (Rebecca Sparey-Taylor)
  • Four: Jordan River (Jamie Klair)
  • Five: The Desert (Sam Durrant)
  • Six: Galilee Part I (Simon Jones)
  • Seven: Galilee Part II (Rebecca Sparey-Taylor)
  • Eight: Caesarea Philippi (John Angle)
  • Nine: Jericho (Jamie Klair)
  • Ten: Bethany (Rebecca Sparey-Taylor)
  • Eleven: Mount of Olives (Jo Trickey)
  • Twelve: Jerusalem Part I (Simon Jones)
  • Thirteen: Jerusalem Part II (Rebecca Sparey-Taylor)
  • Fourteen: Golgotha Part I (Sam Durrant)
  • Fifteen: Golgotha Part II (Jo Trickey)

Fuel your imagination with reality. Let the authentic, unchanged landscapes of the Gospels revolutionize your personal walk with the risen Jesus!