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Walkway Books has been set up by Dr Peter Walker, in collaboration with his friends and supporters/colleagues, so that you can have access to the wide range of materials he has produced on the authentic Jesus of history and the challenge of following him truly today.

As you explore this website, we invite you to go on a journey—from initial enquiry (through reading Dr Walker’s books), to deeper engagement (through his teaching) to a transforming experience (through joining him on a tour to the lands of the Bible).

We hope that, as you walk this way, you will discover more about the authentic Jesus of history—and learn to live life the Jesus way.

Dr Peter Walker

The Rev Dr Peter Walker is widely acknowledged as one of the foremost experts on the Holy Land. His book, In the Steps of Jesus (Lion Hudson: Oxford, 2006), has come to be recognized as the authoritative guide for Christian visitors.

He read Classics at Cambridge University and then spent seven years of his life studying the topic of Jerusalem at doctoral level, which led to the publication of his two major academic monographs: Holy City Holy Places? Christian attitudes to Jerusalem and the Holy Land in the Fourth Century (OUP 1990) and Jesus and the Holy City: New Testament Perspectives on Jerusalem (Eerdmans, 1996). He was also invited to write the chapter on ‘Pilgrimage’ for The Oxford Illustrated History of the Holy Land (OUP, 2018).

Dr Walker first visited the Land in 1981 and has led numerous on-site tours—for parishes and clergy, for students and seminarians, for people from the UK, North America and East Africa. In addition to the books promoted on this website he has written other books and articles in order to encourage a Christian mindset in those visiting the Holy Land and encountering its many complex issues: see, for example, Walking in his Steps(with Graham Tomlin: HarperCollins, 2001) and The Land of Promise (ed. with Philip Johnston: IVP, 2000,with a foreword by John Stott). 

Peter was ordained in 1989 for pastoral ministry within the Church of England. For many years he taught at Wycliffe Hall, an evangelical seminary in the University of Oxford and then, from 2012 to 2017, was Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity School for Ministry (near Pittsburgh, USA). 

He is now back in the UK working on various projects in a freelance capacity but can often be found guiding people somewhere around the Mediterranean!


“Some writers about the life of Jesus are academics, some archaeologists, some teachers, some simply enthusiasts. Dr. Peter Walker is remarkable for being all four. He is an able New Testament scholar. He is one of the foremost experts on the topography of Jerusalem. He is an appealing and clear teacher with great gifts as a communicator. And he is passionate about Jesus Christ, and longs to make him known.” - Revd Dr Michael Green, International Evangelist

“Dr. Peter Walker and his leading of a pilgrimage in the Holy Land is like being a member of a world class symphony orchestra and Peter is the master conductor: the outcome is transformational! There is no better combination than Dr. Peter Walker and the Holy Land.” - Jay Crouse, Coordinator of Men’s Ministry, Diocese of South Carolina