Undiscovered Lent

Undiscovered Lent

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*Purchase Undiscovered Lent during Lent 2024 and you'll receive a FREE BONUS video focussing on Jesus' testing in the Desert. View the taster HERE.

The season of Lent gives us an annual opportunity to consider Jesus’ historic journey up from Galilee to Jerusalem. This short course (ideally starting the week after Ash Wednesday) will allow you and your congregation to join Jesus and the disciples, first, in Jericho, then in Bethany and on the Mount of Olives, and then, in the fourth week, to walk around Jerusalem, getting to know the places that will feature in the story of Jesus’ Passion.

Each week there will be a 15-20 minute video from the 'In the Steps of Jesus' Film Series, supplemented by Study Guide materials designed to help small groups to reflect on the video and to dig more deeply and imaginatively into the text of the Gospels.

In Mark’s Gospel the disciples were somewhat afraid as they watched the figure of Jesus, striding out ahead through the desert, determined to reach his goal. Later they would understand just how much had been resting on his shoulders as he walked towards the Cross. Hopefully this course will help us too to look back on that journey with a new depth, leading to a greater gratitude, and enable us to celebrate Holy Week and Easter with a new understanding and a new joy.


"I feel more connected to the story, the history the geography and particularly the people."   - A. Hughes-Jones, course participant 2021

"An excellent means to deepen one`s understanding of the events leading up to the passion."   - Paul from North Wales, course participant 2021

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learned a lot which I thought I knew already!"   - Norma R, course participant 2021

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