The Week that Changed the World (Church and Groups Licence)

The Week that Changed the World (Church and Groups Licence)

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An Audio Resource for Holy Week that enables your church members to follow–on their own devices–the story and drama of Jesus’ movements through Jerusalem, from Palm Sunday to the empty tomb.

This licence gives you access via YouTube to the instalments listed below, for private use by your church or group. If you are looking for the personal edition of 'The Week' you can find it here.

Based on chapter 4 of Immersed in the Passion, the events of this historic week are retold in 12 short Audio Recordings (each c. 6-7 mins), supplemented by a further Dramatic Reflection (performed by Jennifer Martin).

Digital Download Contents

Audio Instalments via a YouTube Playlist:

  1. Jesus enters Jerusalem
  2. Jesus in the nearby village of Bethany
  3. Jesus cleanses the Temple
  4. Jesus shares a meal with his friends
  5. Jesus waits in the garden of Gethsemane
  6. Jesus stands trial before Caiaphas
  7. Jesus encounters human evil and failure
  8. Jesus stands before Pontius Pilate and Herod Antipas
  9. Jesus is sentenced to death
  10. Jesus is crucified
  11. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene
  12. Jesus appears to his followers
  13. Jesus meets Mary by the empty tomb (additional dramatic reflection)