Immersed in the Passion

Immersed in the Passion

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Oberammergau's unique experience shared with the world

A 112-paged colour book, complete with photos and maps and over 15 interviews with actors, directors and local villagers.

When faced with a potentially devastating plague in 1633 the leaders in the village of Oberammergau pledged to God that, if spared, they would perform a Passion Play every 10 years. The plague was averted and, ever since 1634, the residents of have fulfilled their ancestors’ vow.

This year, because of the Coronavirus, the Play’s long summer season (from May to September) had regrettably to be postponed until 2022. But, through reading this book, you will have the chance to enjoy the play from your own home, as well as to prepare better to enjoy the Play for real—if you decide to travel to Germany in two years’ time!


Based on his experience of the Play in 2000 and 2010 and on an extended visit to the village of Oberammergau in 2019, Dr Peter Walker now gives you through IMMERSED IN THE PASSION an opportunity to have a ‘virtual travel experience’—taking you to through the streets of this picturesque Bavarian village, to learn its history, to meet its people and to sense their welcome.

  • This is your chance to go ‘behind the scenes’ and to hear the inside and personal story of those on stage: hear from Mary Magdalene, Jesus and Caiaphas!
  • You can also hear the vision for this Play from those involved in its direction, staging and design

One of the unique features of the Play is the inclusion of twelve biblical tableaux (or ‘Living Images’) which punctuate the drama: between each Act the audience can enjoy an impressive motionless depiction of an Old Testament scene which throws light on what Jesus is going through in the Passion. Dr Walker was given access to see the proposed staging of these tableaux and now explains the biblical significance of each one—to help increase your perception of the layers of meaning behind the Gospel events.

Complete with full-colour photos and maps, this is an authoritative and attractive guide to one of the most remarkable phenomena in our modern world —the longest-running Play based on the world’s most pivotal story.