The Lion Guide to the Bible

The Lion Guide to the Bible

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A Companion to the Book of Books

Beautifully illustrated throughout, The Lion Guide to the Bible is a straightforward yet authoritative one-volume introduction to the world's best-selling book. Chapter by chapter, Peter Walker takes you through every book of the Bible, describing and analysing the main themes and stories of each and introducing the principal characters. 

Without any jargon and assuming no previous knowledge, he carefully explains important concepts and addresses problem issues, using special boxed features for easy reference. While highlighting the range of different types of literature in the Bible and putting each book clearly in its historical context, he also emphasizes the Bible's patterns and the great underlying story it seeks to tell. Helpful charts and timelines complement a wide range of splendid illustrations which make this book at once both supremely useful and a delight to browse and read. 

The result is a tour de force: a survey which is at once completely accessible yet full of an expert's insights, which treats all kinds of issues with objective care while being infused with the enthusiasm of a lifelong Bible teacher. 

The Lion Guide will inspire those concerned that its subject is daunting or remote to approach the Bible afresh, and will equip those who already read it to do so with greater knowledge, understanding and appreciation.