In the Steps of Jesus (Full-Colour Edition)

In the Steps of Jesus (Full-Colour Edition)

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Follow in the Steps of Jesus - an illustrated, full colour guide

Billions of people across the world have heard of Jesus Christ, but how many are truly acquainted with the key locations in which he walked, ministered, and lived? In the second edition of Peter Walker's well-established text, readers take a pilgrimage though the Holy Land, discovering for themselves the rich historical aspects of Jesus' world.

Each chapter gives particular attention to the work Jesus did in that location—placing his ministry within its original historical and geographical context—and then goes on to discuss the site’s archaeology and authenticity, as well as noting the evidence of later pilgrims and historians.

This new colour edition takes into account the archaeological discoveries of the last fifteen years, provides an up-to-date guide to the Holy Land of today. Using colour maps, timelines, photographs, and boxed features that highlight key topics, In the Steps of Jesus is a rich and absorbing text that gives all its readers—both those who can visit the Holy Land and those who cannot—a unique insight into Jesus' world.

No wonder it’s become the authoritative guide for those wanting to know about the story of Jesus and the places of his ministry. And, for sure, it’s the ‘go-to’ guide for those visiting the Holy Land!