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Unwrap Christmas

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Exploring the original history of Jesus' birth

Our modern Christmas celebrations can obscure the significance of the original event. Some even doubt its rootedness in real history. With this three-part series, filmed on location in the Holy Land, you will discover the facts, see the places and be given many new insights to discuss with each other.

Guided by Dr Peter Walker—a Bible teacher, academic theologian and expert on the history of the Holy Land—we will travel over three weeks from Nazareth to Bethlehem. We will see the likely site of Jesus’ childhood home, the shepherds’ fields below Bethlehem (known by the young David 1000 years earlier), and finally arrive into Manger Square to discover the traditional site of Jesus’ birth.

Designed for use either in small groups or as a central course, each session comes with discussion questions at two levels: for those enquiring into the Christian faith as well as for believers seeking to go deeper. Available entirely as a digital download, you can pre-order today. See Christmas through fresh eyes this year with Unwrap Christmas.

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'Unwrap Christmas'

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